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Explore an archive of over 1000 items of social history from oral recordings and archive footage to historical photographs and documents. Have your say in the record your own section or get in touch with the archive team.

About Us

The social history project seeks to record and celebrate the history of the Market, based primarily on the collection of testimonies from its residents and historical data, including photographs, videos and documents. The residents of our Community hold a wealth of history, having lived through economic prosperity to political and Military turmoil, from the days of old factories and markets to the nights of the Blitz and the conflict. Without this project, we faced such rich history being lost. 

This project therefore seeks to change that and ensure that our history isn’t lost. This is done firstly, through the collection of oral history interviews from those who have experiences of the Market. We also aim to collect historical documents concerning the area to be shared for all.

Like most working-class communities in the North, too often the history our community has been written by others. This is our chance to change that by recording our own history. The project will therefore be led entirely by the community; presented and recorded by its residents.

We are therefore inviting people to tell their stories or share any pictures, videos, recording of the Market community to be shared by all.

This website is for all who wish to remember or to find out about the history of our Community. 


This website contains a comprehensive range of historical documents relating to the community.

There are audio clips of people’s experiences of the Market in the audio section, recorded through oral history interviews. Full interviews can be accessed in person at the Market Community Centre.

If you wish to find out more about the project, how we started, how to get involved contact us directly by email on:

This Market Social History archive containing full interviews, photographs, newspaper articles, community documents are all held in the Market Development Association within the Market Community Centre at . 

Again, the archive aims to be as accessible as possible by ensuring the community always has access to iand can contribute to its own history 

Despite the vivid memory of many, there was little documentation of history about the Market. We aim to change this by continuously expanding our archive and to ensure it is publicly accessible for all to enjoy.

The Market has always been a vibrant and diverse community. The project therefore remains wholly inclusive of all who wish to get involved and share their stories of the area or simply wish to find out more. 

The archive remains open from the outset to contributions to the archive. 

If you wish to have your memories recorded, you can contact us directly to schedule an interview or you could send a brief recording using the ‘Talk to the Archive Team’ at the bottom-right side of the screen.


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Telling our own history

Like most working-class communities in the North, too often the history our community has been written incorrectly by others.

This is our opportunity to tell our history as we experienced it.