About Markets Social History

What is this project all about?

SOCIAL History

The social history project seeks to record and celebrate the history of the Market, based primarily on the collection of testimonies from its residents. The residents of our Community hold a wealth of history, having lived through economic prosperity to political and Military turmoil, from the days of old factories and markets to the nights of the Blitz and the conflict. Without this project, we faced such rich history being lost. 

This project therefore seeks to change that and ensure that our history isn’t lost. This is done firstly, through the collection of oral history interviews from those who have experiences of the Market. We also aim to collect historical documents concerning the area to be shared for all.

Vision & Values

Like most working-class communities in the North, too often the history our community has been written by others. This is our chance to change that by recording our own history. The project will therefore be led entirely by the community; presented and recorded by its residents.


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