The social life in the community has historically been linked a great deal to the church. St Malachy’s Catholic church, was built in 1844. The church was built what a time when the population of the Market was growing rapidly with the incoming Catholic migrants from rural Ireland. It was modelled on the ceiling of Henry VIIs chapel in Westminster Abbey. Indeed, much of the social bonds owed a lot to shared religion and the ritual of attending mass. Nowadays, it is the link between many Market ex-pats and the present community. One of the great memories of interviewees was the missions, which saw the church packed to the brim with parishioners. 

St. Malachy’s Church was crucial in establishing cultural groups. Since the 1920s, it was renowned for its choir which remained until the 1970s. In the 1940s, the Operatic Society was set up and went on to produce a ballad opera. The church also had a folk choir, a bowls club, a scouts troop and a pipe band. The Market had another a famous pipe band, also called St Malachy’s, particularly well-known during the 1920s. 

The Church is still engaged in community life, particularly so through the St Malachy’ Youth Centre, a newly built facility by the local school.